Last week brought with it news that the Birdsite’s owner fired a top engineer after the engineer pointed out that the owner’s declining engagement and view counts were falling… organically.

In case you were under the impression that ego doesn't play such an outsized role in business-critical platform and leadership decisions within established or trending tech companies, consider the following response that I received while playing with ChatGPT, another innovation in which Musk had a founding role:


“Write something that sounds like Tolkein but in a modern, technology-driven setting.”


In the sprawling metropolis of Neo-Valinor, where the shimmering skyscrapers towered over the bustling streets and the hum of machines filled the air, there lived a man of great vision and ambition. His name was Elon, and he was a master of the art of invention.

With a fierce determination in his heart, Elon worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of what was possible, creating marvels of technology that seemed almost magical. He dreamed of a world where travel was swift and effortless, where communication was instant and seamless, and where energy was abundant and clean.

With a team of brilliant engineers and scientists at his side, Elon blazed a trail of innovation, crafting spacecraft that could travel to the stars and electric cars that could run for hundreds of miles on a single charge. He built a network of tunnels beneath the city that could whisk people from place to place at incredible speeds, and he developed a new kind of solar power that could transform the way we generate energy.

For many years, Elon and his team worked tirelessly, their faces lit by the glow of computer screens and the sparks of welding torches. They battled through setbacks and challenges, their resolve never faltering.

At last, they achieved their goals, and the world was transformed by their innovations. People marveled at the wonders of technology that Elon had created, and they looked to the future with hope and wonder, knowing that anything was possible in this age of innovation.


Suffice it to say, I don’t think humanity's writers of fiction are in danger of being replaced by AI chatbots any time soon.