In 2018 I wrote a post about building a home recording studio on a budget. Since then, I've added a few items that have really improved my music recording and podcasting game.

Shure SM7B Vocal Microphone

I added this industry-favorite mic to my home studio so that I could record two podcast hosts, each to their own track. The mic is at an "entry level plus" price point, but the bang for the buck is pretty good.

Price: $399 at Sweetwater

ROLI Songmaker Kit

This squishy, silicone, all-black keyboard and accompanying peripherals replaced the plastic-y, cheap MIDI controller I was using back in 2018. ROLI makes a lot of weird and fun synths/controllers, and this portable version has made recording a lot more fun.

Price: $649.95 at Sweetwater

Suspension Mic Stands

During the first few recording sessions for our podcast, my co-host and I quickly realized we needed a way to get the mics close to our faces without creating a big mess of wires or a cluttered tabletop. These little swivel-mount stands clamp to the table and do the trick just fine.

Them's tha deets-- now get out there and create something!