Here's how I refocus my brain in the long afternoon hours after the caffeine wears off. This collection focuses on web development, design, and business. I'll write about my favorite 'casts for enjoyment in another post. In case you're looking for a podcatcher, check out Pocket Casts. After months of iTunes skipping on me mid-stream, I made the switch, and it's proving to have been a good choice. Happy listening!

Shop Talk Show

A good one for front-end developers and web designers. Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier drop some internet knowledge bombs. Listening to their archive helped get me up to speed when I was first teaching myself about makin' internet. These guys have a fun rapport and are pretty helpful and accessible on Twitter, too, so give them a listen.


Codebreaker asks some interesting questions about the tech that is increasingly intruding upon all aspects of our lives. Each season of the podcast asks a different question: "Is it evil? Can it save us?" 8/10 would prepare you for robot overlord invasion.

Girlboss Radio

Sophia Amoruso hosts this podcast and interviews women in business, creative and cultural fields, and a whole host of other exciting ventures about what they've learned on their way to the top.

CodePen Radio

Another 'cast featuring Chris Coyier, this one focusing on the team and day-to-day work of a small startup called CodePen. The company makes a pretty cool tool for front-end developers and other folks who want to doodle around with code on the internet, so there's a lot of web dev expertise that gets thrown around in the show.

99% Invisible

Hosted by Roman Mars, this podcast covers the "thought that goes into the things we don't think about." From the sound of the famous NBC chimes to space junk to "the worst smell in the world," 99pi always provokes and entertains.

Side Hustle School

I recently started listening to this podcast, and while the episodes tend to be very "YMMV" in nature, the short vignettes about people who have turned weird ideas into thriving mini-businesses is inspiring.