About Me

Hello! My name is Chelsea Adams, and I'm a software architect and full-stack engineer based in central Ohio. I got my start in web development building custom WordPress themes for clients worldwide, and now I lead engineering processes for web and VR application development across a few different tech stacks (Python/Django + MySQL, Unity, Vue + Sanity.io, Eleventy, Nuxt, and others). I am also a hobbyist with technologies like D3.js for data visualization and Unity for game development.

Odds and ends:

  • Like many tech folks, I don't have a conventional tech background; my focus in school was philosophy. I'm proud of my liberal arts background, and it's been foundational as I've grown through a decade+ of professional experience in software engineering and web development.
  • I like to make music when I'm not crunching code. I have a Roli Seaboard (a squishy, silicone keyboard) that I carry with me most of the time in case I need to record a tune.
  • I once worked at the United States Naval Observatory on a project called the Joint Milli-Arcsecond Pathfinder Survey, where I got to study quasars in-depth under the mentorship of some of the world's best physicists. It was awesome.
  • My partner and I have been running a podcast on education for several years. It's called 16:1-- please check it out! I care about education a lot.
  • I like to cook. Ask me for my bolognese recipe.

If you'd like to read more about my work, please check out my blog.